Work from Home Essentials

October 19, 2021

For many of us, working from home has become our reality since the beginning of the pandemic and may extend to the foreseeable future. There are so many suggestions on the best products to purchase for work-from-home productivity, but what about making your space a comfortable and personalized place to work? Below is our list of customizable, made-to-order printed accessories available from Domanda Designs to make your home office space a place you want to work in, as well as a productive one. 

A Vessel for your Morning Cup of Coffee

For so many people, the day starts with a cup of coffee (and maybe a few more throughout the day). With so much time spent sipping on this drink, why not pick a colorful mug to brighten your mood with every sip! There are many different styles available to suit your needs including traditional mugs, enamel mugs, latte mugs, and tumblers for coffee drinkers on the go. Looking to learn more about the coffee mugs available at Domanada Design and a little bit more about coffee? Check out our article Five Coffee Drinks to Make at Home for National Coffee Day.

Be Sure to Drink Your Water

After drinking one (or many) cups of coffee it’s important to remember to hydrate with water! According to it is recommended that the average person drinks eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day (8x8 rule) to be properly hydrated. Keep one of our 20oz Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles at your desk to sip on cold water throughout the day.

Take Notes

Although much of work-from-home life involves typing on the computer, sometimes you need to take notes by hand. Choose from a variety of bold patterned spiral bound and hard cover journals to select the style that fits best for you. Looking for a convenient place to store your pencils and pens to go with your journal? Our pouches are a great way to keep your writing utensils organized and ready to go if you need to take your office on the road. 

Keep Track of Time

Losing track of time can be easy when working at home. Be sure to take breaks for lunch and clock in and out at the proper times. Try our analogue wall clocks as a way to keep track of time and productivity in style.

The Finishing Touches! 

Looking for some final items to brighten up your work from home space? Try adding a decorative pillow to your desk chair for added comfort and style or wrapped canvases to add a gallery wall above your work station. Brighten up your workstation with a cube lamp that can be styled in various ways throughout your room.  For more tips about styling with these decorative elements check out our articles:

Keep your work-from-home environment personalized and productive! For more tips about working from home check out our previous article Tips for Organizing Your Home Office for Productivity.

This blog post was written by Emma Becker.