Create a Gallery Wall to Make Any Space Feel Comfortable and Relaxing

May 18, 2021

If you’re ready to personalize a room and want to set a comfortable feeling with your decor, it’s time to create a gallery wall. Using wall decor is a quick and easy way to make any space feel welcoming while looking great and keeping furniture surfaces clutter-free. 

Most people are familiar with gallery walls along a staircase or in a main living area but there are so many other options when using customizable decor that’s made-to-order. Let’s take a look!

Set the tone of any room

Looking at the square framed wrapped canvases, it’s so easy to think of putting three or four together to create a delightful tone. An empty wall in the bathroom perks right up with printed accessories hung in a row or column. Any mudroom or laundry area can benefit from customizable decor that brings a smile every time you or family members walk in the room. The different tile-themed prints would be so cute in a cluster in the kitchen.

Scrolling through the wrapped canvas prints, it’s fun to imagine decorating a nursery or child’s room with any of the numerous outdoor and adventure themed prints. There are fish, farms, birds, trucks, and camping pictures to gaze at and talk about together (and soothe any tired loved one, young or old). Plus, considering the future of our planet and our children, it’s important that print-on-demand home decor supports sustainable consumption with zero waste.

Use a Gallery Wall someplace unexpected

Commercial spaces aren’t always considered for home decor trends but they need pleasant printed accessories too. 

Wall art that’s tailored for children is especially welcoming in places kids only visit periodically, like the pediatrician’s office. A gallery wall of canvas-wrapped prints on the wall behind a computer chair adds personality without having to worry about glare from your office lighting

The kitchenette of a hotel suite or small office can always use some coffee-themed home accessories to feel inviting. Every coffee lover I know enjoys a cheerful coffee print in a modern design. 

So, while many of us are familiar with gallery walls for a home living room or along the stairs, try thinking outside the box. A gallery wall of canvas-wrapped prints sets the tone in any room, is customized to your needs, and leaves your surroundings free of clutter.

This blog post was written by Kara Stefancik