Refresh You Room with Throw Pillows

September 07, 2021

Looking to update the look of your home to match the season or freshen things up? Look no further than throw pillows. A throw pillow is a simple, affordable way to brighten up your room and try new looks on a budget. But where do you begin when considering styling with these accent pieces? 

Types of Throw Pillows 

Throw pillows come in a variety of shapes and styles, each with its own benefits when it comes to decorating your home. Here are the five main shapes for throw pillows and their purposes: 

  1. Square
    The most common type of throw pillow, great for adding a pop of color and very comfortable
  2. Round
    Mainly used for decoration over comfort, adds variety in shape 
  3. Bolster 
    Cylindrical in shape, often used on beds
  4. Rectangle
    Similar to the square pillow shape, comfortable and has a variety of uses
  5. Novelty Shape
    These pillows are available in a variety of shapes to suit your needs

All of these pillow types can be customized to different sizes, colors, patterns, and textures to fit your styling needs. But how do you even begin styling with so many options available?

The “Rules” of Design

When designing with throw pillows there are a variety of “rules” put in place by interior designers to help you start thinking about how to style your home. This article will focus on styling with a modern look: mixing patterns and textures with a focus on odd numbers.

The Key “Rules” to Creating a Modern Style with Throw Pillows: 

  1. Choose a Color Palette 
    Choosing a color palette is an important starting place when styling with throw pillows. Try drawing inspiration for the main color from the objects and walls already in your room, then pick complementing colors from there. 
  2. Select various pillow sizes and shapes 
    Mixing and matching pillow shapes and sizes is a great way to add variety to your look. Just keep in mind the size of your furniture and scale accordingly. Keep in mind the shapes and styles of throw pillows mentioned above. 
  3. Choose three different types of patterns and texture 
    After defining your color palette, pick three different pillows with varying patterns and textures. Of these patterns, one should be dominant and include all of the colors in your color palette while featuring a larger image. The other two pillows can be simpler patterns in a smaller scale, plain colors, or just texture however they should continue to tie into your main color palette. 
  4. Use Odd Numbers and Balance
    Select your pillows in odd numbers (groups of three) and balance your styles and patterns across the piece of furniture you are accenting. You want to make sure all of your pillows aren’t piled on one side of the sofa. 

Breaking the “Rules” with Customization

Now that you’ve learned the rules of styling with throw pillows, break them! Designing your home is an individual experience, and should reflect your personality and style rather than sticking to the rules. Customizable decor is a great way to break the rules and find styles that match your personality, including throw pillows and other items around your home. Remember: don’t be afraid to mix and match your styles. Be bold and customize your throw pillows to create a fresh design in your home.

This blog post was written by Emma Becker.