Kristen's Picks: Wrapped Canvases!

May 11, 2021

Kristen Dettoni launched Domanda Design because she loves pattern. Designs in her pattern library Design Pool get printed by partners going through an interior designer. She wanted to be able to bring her designs directly to consumers, and Domanda Design was born! Kristen is also obsessed with all things print-on-demand. This technology allows for flexibility and creativity when decorating your home, office, or any space you spend time, indoor or outdoor.

Print-on-demand technology is also a sustainable choice.

Print-on-demand digital printing means that all products are made to order. There is no inventory, no excess waste, and far less ends up in a landfill. This means designers can offer a lot more options, and customers can enjoy customizing the final details. With so many different products in the shop, what is Kristen buying for herself?  

This month Kristen is loving wrapped canvases.

Kristen loves the wrapped canvases printed with fun patterns. The wrapped canvases are available framed or unframed and in a range of sizes. Choose your favorite pattern and then customize your art by choosing the color, size, and frame.

“I love surrounding my home with artwork,” Kristen says. “I move a lot, and it’s sad to say you probably won’t find a picture of family in my home (always thinking about resale!), but you will find a lot of artwork. If there is a blank space on my wall, I want to add a piece of artwork. Our small, square-framed pieces really speak to me. I love smaller works because they seem so personable. You have an intimate experience since you have to get close to see the artwork. Adding a small piece to your home décor is a great way to start your own art collection.”

How to get started?

  1. Decide if you’d like a framed wrapped canvas or unframed.
  2. Browse the available patterns and pick your favorite.
  3. Choose the color that works for your space and taste.
  4. Choose the size.
  5. Add to cart!

It’s that easy. Each design stands on its own for a unique statement piece, or you can mix and match patterns and colors to create your own gallery wall. That’s the fun of on-demand manufacturing; it’s up to you!  

This blog post was written by Kristin Crane.