Get to Know More About Domanda Design, On-Demand Printing, & Drop Shipping

April 13, 2021

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.
– Anni Albers

Domanda Design was born out of the simple idea that art isn't just for hanging on walls. Neither is it a luxury reserved for people with a lot of money. Everyone deserves to have art in their lives and their homes. Our goal is to bring the good feelings art can nurture into your home through beautiful color and pattern, using on-demand manufacturing and drop shipping.  

But first, who is Domanda Design?

Domanda Design is the sister store to Design Pool, a pattern design company founded by artist and designer Kristen Dettoni. Since Design Pool launched in 2019, Kristen has designed over 600 patterns (and counting!), all in multiple colorways. She works directly with interior designers and digital printers to customize residential and commercial interiors with her unique patterns. Her partners print on felt acoustic panels, vinyl flooring, faux upholstery, wallcovering, fabric, pretty much anything!

But ... Design Pool does not sell directly to the public. Kristen wanted to make her patterns accessible directly to consumers, so she launched Domanda Design in late 2020. 

What is print-on-demand manufacturing? 

Print-on-demand manufacturing means that everything is made to order when a purchase is made. While getting a one-off of a printed product was previously unheard of, advances in digital printing technology have made this a reality. 

What excites us most about digital printing and print-on-demand manufacturing is how much waste it keeps out of landfills. In traditional manufacturing, lots and lots of products get produced, and retailers hope they sell. They hope they chose the designs people want, in the colors people want. If they chose wrong, then they just wasted a lot of resources.

With on-demand manufacturing, that isn't an issue. Printers only print a product when it sells, and no waste goes to the landfill. For us, that means we have the freedom to offer many design options. And for you, you have the freedom to choose the pattern and color you want and have it made just for you.

What does drop ship mean? 

Drop shipping means that the printers ship the product directly to you, and not to us first. That means there is less movement of goods across distances and less emitting of greenhouse gases. It also makes it possible for small businesses like ours to sell our products since we don't need large spaces for inventory or shipping.

We invite all of you to add a little art to your life.

Whether art comes into your life on a printed canvas to hang on a wall or your new favorite coffee mug, we hope our work helps you breathe, as Anni Albers described, "with a different kind of happiness."  

This blog post was written by Kristin Crane. 

Photo of Kristen Dettoni by Brittanny Taylor.