5 Fun Uses For Our Accessory Pouches

February 23, 2021

If there is one item in my bag I could not live without, it is the pouch that keeps everything else organized. Living in a city, I'm often getting around on foot and carrying everything I need with me for the day. I like to travel light and be able to get to what I need quickly, without digging through my whole bag.

Our  accessory pouches are the perfect item to keep me organized. And the thing I love most about them is how versatile they are. I use them to stay organized on the go and at home. Just how versatile are they?

Here are 5 of my favorite uses for an accessory pouch:

Every handbag needs a place to keep small items from getting lost in the bottom. These pouches are perfect for keeping your cosmetics together and clean. They're also easy to transfer from bag to bag so you never find yourself without your favorite lip gloss. 

Cords, Wires & Chargers
Modern technology may be wireless, but not all the time. You're free until you're not and then you'd better find some juice. Keeping all my cords, plugs, earbuds and chargers in one place means I never have to go searching when I need to recharge. No matter if I'm home or on the road. 

Gift Card Packaging
Shopping for other people can be challenging and sometimes the best gift is a gift card a favorite shop or restaurant. I like to add a personal touch by tucking the gift card into a pouch with a fun design I know they'll love. 

Art Supplies
I never take a trip without a travel journal and my tiny art supply kit. In our highly connected lives, the privacy of a journal is the perfect antidote to Instagram. My go-to travel kit always includes a glue stick, water brush, water soluble pen and a pencil for those museums that won't let me use ink. 

Pandemic Essentials
While I am clearly dreaming about traveling, for now my travels are closer to home. This past year has changed what I consider essential and I don't want to spend time digging through my whole bag when I need hand sanitizer. I now keep one pouch full of sanitizer, disposable wipes, an extra mask and my own pen in case I need to sign a credit card slip.

Whether you're throwing one of our pouches into your favorite handbag or one of our weekender bags, we're sure you'll find it both helpful and stylish. Have you bought one of our accessory pouches? What do you use it for? Tag us on Instagram or use #DomandaDesign so we can see how you use it.  

This blog post was written by Kristin Crane.