5 Ways to Use Your Weekender Bag

February 09, 2021

Have you checked out the Domanda Design weekender bag? It has fast become one of my go-to bags for daily tasks, as well as weekends away. It has a roomy body, flat bottom, long straps and comes in over 30 different patterns to choose from. Whether your style is mid-century modern or more traditional, there's a pattern you'll love. 

What makes this bag so special? Mostly, it's versatility. 

Here are my 5 favorite ways to use our Weekender Bag:

Visiting the farmer's market.
Not all farmer's market totes are created equal. Since I am not the one doing the cooking, my job at the farmer's market is holding the bags (and my iced coffee) so the cook has his free hands for the actual shopping. My favorite bags have a flat bottom, long enough handles to go over my shoulder and are easy to wipe clean inside after each visit. 

Shopping local.
I'm often out running errands on foot and love a bag big enough to add to as I visit different shops. The flat bottom of our weekender bag helps distribute the weight so items stay a bit organized. And the open top accommodates items that need some space, like fresh flowers and long baguettes.

Going to the gym.
I prefer a gym bag that is easy to pack and unpack so I am sure to empty it after each visit. This bag has enough room for extras such as water bottles or yoga blocks and the open top allows for plenty of air flow so contents don't get stinky. 

Hitting the beach.
For me, the perfect beach bag is one that is roomy but also easy to access. Nothing is worse than my book and sunscreen being buried under layers of towels. The more I can keep in my bag until I'm ready, the more the bag stays free of sand. 

Crafting on the go.
As a knitter, I like to keep my projects organized at home and easy to grab in a pinch to take on the go. This bag is big enough for any long needles and can easily contain tools and bulky projects. Perfect for knitting, needlepunch, embroidery, or any other art you want to be able to do on the road.

How are you using your weekender bag? I'd love to know! Tag us on social media with @DomandaDesign so we can see your bag out in the wild. 

This blog post was written by Kristin Crane.