Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 01, 2022

Love is in the air! As the month of February begins, Valentine’s day is fast approaching. Check out our list of made-to-order, customizable gift suggestions for all of the loved ones in your life, from significant others to friends (both the human and furry kind).

Domanda’s 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 

For the Dinner Host 
For the people in your life that love to host a dinner party, select a set of our customizable placemats. Mix and match colors and patterns or select placemats that all match.

For the Coffee Lovers 
Coffee lovers never have enough mugs for their drink of choice. Select the perfect mug from our array of designs and shapes (enamel, latte, and classic) or select a tumbler for coffee on the go! 

For the Work from Home Office 
Help your friend working from home spruce up their office with a wall clock that accents their sense of style. These analogue wooden framed clocks help remind you when to clock out for the day. 

For a Night on the Town
Our versatile accessory pouches are great for storing valuables for your night on the town! With a t-shaped bottom, this design allows for more storage space for your important items. Plus, this pouch can be used for other purposes including as a makeup bag, pencil case, or electronic cord storage. 

For Your Furry Friend 
Don’t forget the pets in your life! Show the furry friends in your life that you love them too with a new pet bed. This fleece exterior cozy pillow comes in three sizes to accommodate any pet. 

Pick You Gifts by Pattern! 

Looking for patterns that match the season of love? Domanda design has a variety of patterns in styles and colors that match the Valentine’s season across many of our products. Our classic Love pattern is filled with hearts to celebrate love through every season. We also have many floral patterns to give the gift of flowers in a different (and more permanent) way. Select a classic Valentine’s red and pink or veer away from the traditional and select a customized color and pattern that fits your style! 

When selecting a gift, the most important element is making sure that you pick a gift with care. Looking for more ideas? Check out our 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide or reach out to us via social media for personalized advice! 


This blog post was written by Emma Becker.