Use Feng Shui to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

April 07, 2021

April signals the time of year when we start coming out of winter and life starts opening up. We’ve all been hibernating these past few months, but also this past year. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal, hope, and new growth. Feng Shui encourages us to honor the cycle of fresh starts and new growth by working in the home to welcome in this new season. 

Lisa Law, a certified Feng Shui practitioner and author, guided us through using Feng Shui to improve the energy in our bedroom to get a good night’s sleep. We spoke with her again this month for insight into using Feng Shui to inspire spring cleaning. As always, she had great advice. 

5 ways to use Feng Shui to tackle your spring cleaning

Start at the front door.
Our front doors are the main entry point into our homes and are referred to as the “mouth of chi” in Feng Shui. Think about your front door as the primary source of fresh energy in your home. To get started, go outside and clean up around your front door. Sweep the stoop, remove any cobwebs, and dust off your doormat. Check to see if your door needs any repairs and clear the clutter from this area. Plants in the cheerful colors of spring can help attract new energy. As with anything you do for Feng Shui, do this with intention. While you’re working to refresh this space, invite new opportunities to come into your home and life.

Do a thorough cleaning.
Spend a day doing a deep clean of your whole home. Open all your windows to move stagnant energy out and allow fresh energy to move in. Move your furniture to clean and vacuum those hard-to-reach spaces. Wash windows, clear cobwebs, and see if any curtains and window treatments need cleaning, repairing, or replacing. Try to make this type of deep clean an annual tradition.

Evaluate your winter equipment.
As you put away all the hats, gloves, boots, and shovels from winter, don’t put them away without thought. They will only become next year’s clutter. Look at each item and move things out of your home that no longer serve a purpose. Always keep in mind that you want to make space in your home for new energy. If your home and life is full, there is no room for new energy to come in. Leave space on a bookshelf, clean out a basement or attic, and attempt to reduce items before they have a chance to become clutter.

Bring in fresh flowers.
Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a whole space. When you’re done with your deep clean, pick up tulips or other spring flowers for your home. Also, bring the colors of spring into your home with your décor. Bright corals, yellows, and reds on decorative items can help make a room feel like spring has arrived.

Set intentions as you work.
Spring is a time of renewal and new growth. As you work, ask yourself, “What do I want to do next?” Put a symbol of that goal in your environment. This symbol can be an inspiring quote on your fridge or a beautiful piece of art in a room. Choose something inspiring and motivating, something that makes your feel good. Avoid symbols that cause you to feel stressed. Imagine you’re turning your home into a vision board. This practice helps make what you’re working toward tangible.

Feng Shui always encourages you to set an intention and then take inspired action. As you finish your spring cleaning, think about doing one activity each day to work toward your goal. Focus on the idea of making steady growth through incremental changes. When you tackle your spring cleaning with this in mind, your environment will be in the position to help you achieve those goals.

Lisa will be teaching a virtual spring cleaning workshop on Friday, April 30, at 3 pm. You can find information on her website or by following her on Instagram or Facebook.

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This blog post was written by Kristin Crane.