Simple Seasonal Decor Tips for Thanksgiving

October 11, 2022

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s time to start breaking out the festive decor as the fall season comes to a close. Sometimes decorating can be stressful. You might be overwhelmed by the endless decor choices when shopping or worry that decorating your space for the season is out of your budget. Adding festive flair to your space doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive. Check out our tips and tricks below for simple ways to add some seasonal decor to your home this fall and Thanksgiving season. 

Swap Out Your Decor 

You don’t need to redesign your whole living space to make your home feel cozy and autumnal this season. Start small by swapping out small elements of decor in your home for new seasonal picks. Switch out the throw pillows in your living room for some with fall patterns. Add pops of autumn colors (red, orange, green, yellow, and brown) to your dinner table with some new placemats. Place cozy blankets around your home or swap out your duvet cover for patterns that make your space feel cozy and festive. You can even swap out some of the wall art in your home for pieces that add some holiday cheer. 

Add a Touch of Nature 

During the fall and Thanksgiving season, there are so many ways to add festive decor using nature around you. Run to the store and grab some pumpkins to place around your home, both inside and out. Add touches of florals with both fresh and dried flowers as well as greenery. You can even head into your yard or local park and collect branches, dried leaves, acorns, pinecones, and more to place around your house or use in some DIY home decor activities. If you live in an area where these items aren’t available, there are plenty of artificial versions of these that you can collect at your local craft store. 

When in Doubt, Do it Yourself (DIY)!

Looking for even more decor on a budget? Turn decorating into a fun activity for yourself, your family, or a friend group. Make your own centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table, try your hand at flower arranging, create a wreath using objects you found in nature, or make some fall art pieces (who doesn’t love a hand turkey). There are plenty of DIY activities for both adults and kids that are fun, festive, and bring your community together while decorating for the holidays to come. 

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This blog post is written by Emma Becker