Renewing and Refreshing with White 

January 04, 2022

“White. A blank page or canvas. His favorite. So many possibilities…”

              - Stephen Sondheim, Sunday in the Park with George - 

Domanda Design’s parent company, Design Pool, has selected white as the 2022 Color of the Year! Kristen Dettoni chose white to offer a sense of reflection and renewal as we enter a new year with new opportunities. Read on to learn how to capture the sense of optimism and positivity this color can offer in your home.

Color Meaning

The color white is generally associated with positive feelings of peace, hope, and clarity. White is often considered a neutral color that can evoke feelings of cleanliness, sophistication, and simplicity helping you feel refreshed. It evokes feelings of new life and optimism: offering an opportunity to feel as though you have a clean slate to start anew. 

However, there are some negative connotations with this color as well. When used in excess white can feel cold and unfriendly, creating a sense of emptiness. A large amount of white can feel a little boring and impersonal when used in excess, especially in the home. 

Using White to Refresh Your Space 

Although white in excess can cause your home to feel a little cold and impersonal, when used in certain ways it can add a refreshing quality to your spaces. White is a good base color for walls in any space.From there, pops of color can be added to add variety and character to your space. Additionally, white can be used to accent elements of your home that you want to highlight. It is often used in bathrooms to add a sense of cleanliness as well as on ceilings to reflect light and help rooms feel larger. 

Looking to add white to your space without opening a can of paint? Try using various shades and tones of white in your decor! Domanda Design offers a variety of customizable home decor items to bring white into your home through designs that feel personal to you. Add a pop of white to any space with a simple pillow or lamp. Bring elements of white to your bedroom with a cozy duvet cover and a pet bed to offer some comfort for your furry friends! White opens us up to an array of possibilities (the late Stephen Sondheim references this in his famous lyric from the musical Sunday in the Park with George listed above)

Fun Facts about White

White evokes feelings of positivity and renewal in Western cultures, one of the reasons it may be a color often worn by brides. However, white was not always worn during weddings in Western cultures. Although the first white wedding dress was recorded in 1406, it is believed that the color was popularized by Queen Victoria in her wedding in 1840, where she wore a white lace gown breaking with tradition. White brings about positive feelings in Western cultures, but many Eastern cultures associate this color with death and sadness, often used in funeral and mourning rituals. 

Bring elements of white into your home with customizable home decor from Domanda Design!  Check out all of our products to select an item in a shade of white that feels perfect to you to freshen up your space.


This blog post was written by Emma Becker