What time is it? Time for a wall clock!

March 16, 2021

What time is it? Time for another product launch! This month we are so excited to add wall clocks to our print-on-demand home collection. If you're looking to add a little bit of art to a room, but not a wrapped canvas art, these fun clocks are the perfect choice.

Here's what we love about our wall clocks.

They're battery operated.*
It may not sound like much, but having a battery operated clock in your home can be very useful. Our homes are getting smarter and smarter, but one big storm can show you how vulnerable you actually are to your energy source. If your electricity is out and your phones and watches have died, having a battery operated clock is crucial for a home. 

You can customize the details.
We have 25 different patterns to choose from, and each pattern comes in 5 different color choices. Once you've chosen your favorite color and pattern, you can choose a wooden, white, or black frame and either white or black hands. Make your clock perfect for your space.

They're easy to install.
Each clock has one pre-installed backside hook on the back. Once out of the package, it's super easy to hang in your kitchen, home office, or playroom. 

Head on over to check out our full collection of wall clocks and let us know your favorite pattern! We're adding new product all the time. Wish we had something? Let us know over on Instagram and give us a follow if you haven't already.  

* Please note, our clocks require one AA battery, which is not included.