Mix and Match: Selecting the Perfect Patterns

September 27, 2022

When it comes to designing with a variety of patterns and colors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Fears of creating interior design chaos with too many wild patterns might stop you from even considering making unconventional design choices. But, fear not! Although starting to design with multiple patterns can be scary, once you learn to mix and match, the process of selecting new patterns is fun. Check out our tips for designing with multiple patterns below and then read on for some patterns mixing and matching inspiration with our Domanda Design products. 

5 Tips for Designing with Multiple Patterns 

  • Determine the feel of your space 
  • What theme or feel do you want your space to have? What function does it serve in your house? Select the patterns and colors you want to work with after you answer these two essential questions.

  • Select a color scheme 
  • Choose the color scheme you want your patterns to share. Start simple and select two to three colors that you want to use across all your patterns. Pick colors that have similar intensities and hues to keep your space feeling cohesive. 

  • Use the rule of three 
  • Start with using three patterns and then repeat! Better Homes & Gardens suggests following the 60/30/10 rule when it comes to patterns: 60% of the space your design should be your main pattern, 30% should be a second pattern, and 10% should be your last pattern or a solid to provide balance. Select your main pattern first and make your other choices from there. 

  • Balance
  • Balance is key to designing with pattern! Make sure that you distribute your different patterns across your space and select some solid colors and neutrals to break things up. It’s easy to overcrowd, so start simple and layer in more as you go. 

  • Remember: pattern is personal! 
  • There is no one right way to design with patterns. Make choices that feel right for you and your spaces.  

    Mixing and Matching Products and Patterns!

    Designing with patterns is made even easier at Domanda Design: our customizable made-to-order products give you many options to choose from so you don’t feel stuck with only a few choices from one website or you aren’t browsing for hours looking for the perfect pattern online or in stores. 

    Looking for ideas? Head over to our products page and browse all of our product and pattern offerings. Looking for personalized suggestions? Send us a message on our Instagram and we can guide you towards the perfect product.


    This blog post was written by Emma Becker.