How Customization is Changing the Way We Shop 

August 23, 2021

How much of your shopping do you do in person? Online? In a technological age, so much of the way we purchase products in our lives can be done online. From larger corporations to small businesses, almost every store has some online shopping component, allowing customers a more efficient way to get their shopping done. This transition online has paved the way for customization: a business model that gives the customer a voice in creating their dream product rather than settling for what is available in bulk from the store. Domanda Design is one of many companies using customization as a model for their business, but what makes this way of shopping so effective?

What is Customization?

There are three main types of customization: product bundling, personalization, and made-to-order. All of these models allow the customer to have a voice in creating the product they want, making the company and customers co-creators in the design process. Domanda Design uses the made-to-order customization model which allows customers the option to customize and select the exact pattern they would like on the product they want. The product is then created when the customer places their order to their specific needs. 

The Benefits of Customization for the Business and the Consumer.

There are many benefits to customization for both the consumer and the business owner. For the customer, the process of customization allows them to have a direct say in the product they purchase rather than buying something that approximately meets their needs. This raises the customer’s satisfaction with the product and forms an emotional attachment with the product purchased: we are less likely to forget about a product we had a hand in creating. Customization provides the customer with ease of shopping as well: they are getting exactly what they want delivered directly to their door rather than having to hunt for something close to what they are looking for at the nearest department store. 

These benefits to the customer also benefit the business as well. When a customer likes the product they are buying they are more likely to return to the business. Additionally, in the age of social media, customers become ambassadors for the brand when they post positive reviews, which is very likely to happen when they have a part in designing the final product. With the made-to-order customization model, businesses are able to print on demand rather than sitting on a lot of products in inventory. However, one of the greatest benefits of customization for the business is that it allows owners to understand what customers are looking for in the products they purchase, a benefit that helps the business create products that customers want, which benefits everyone. 

How do you prefer to customize your products?

At Domanda Design we offer a wide range of products with various design options for you to choose from. All of our customizable decor is printed and made to order based on what you pick. Check out all of our product and pattern options in our shop here.

This blog post was written by Emma Becker.