Customizing for the Holidays

November 09, 2021

With the holiday season approaching households around the country are beginning to pull out their decorations, plan gatherings with family and friends, and start holiday gift shopping lists. This season, try out our made to order customizable decor to add festive cheer to your home and unique style to your gift selections.

Why Shop Customizable Decor?

At Domanda Design we offer a wide range of customizable decor and accessories for your home and life on the go. When you select items that are made to order, you as the customer get to choose accessories in the pattern, color, and size that you want, helping bring unique pieces into your home that suit your sense of style. Plus, you support artists and by shopping made-to-order, you are selecting products that are created on demand, helping eliminate waste since we are producing only what is ordered. 

Selecting Decor that Matches Your Style and Your Guests’ Too

When planning your holiday party select decor that doubles as a gift to your guests! Select various placewear items from our decor that match your guests’ personalities and send them home with these items as a gift. This adds a personal touch to your decor while also taking care of your gift shopping. Try our placemats, enamel bowls, and mugs for customizable decor around the table with a personal twit. Maybe even add a festive tote to help your guests bring their items home at the end of the party. 

Looking for items you want to keep for yourself? Check out our throw pillows to add a pop of color throughout your home as well as any of the items listed above. Be sure to treat yourself this holiday season too! 

Shop Our Holiday Designs 

Head over to our Holiday Collection to shop our favorite items in a variety of holiday patterns. We offer our pillows, mugs, totes, and weekender bags in festive designs to bring holiday cheer to your home. Be sure to check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for gift inspiration for the important people in your life. Happy Holidays! 

Remember: Be sure to order your items as soon as possible to ensure that they make it to you in time for your holiday festivities. 

This blog post was written by Emma Becker