A Pop of Yellow

June 29, 2021

Yellow: the universal color of happiness and warmth. We see yellow surrounding us every day in nature, the warm rays from the golden sun beaming down onto yellow sunflowers surrounded by the buzzing of bees hard at work. This cheerful color is used to get our attention due to its high visibility, making an appearance on our street signs, taxis, school buses, and even on caution tape. Yellow has roots in spirituality as well, connecting closely with depictions of sun gods throughout history and closely tying to the third chakra, the Manipura Chakra, which is said to connect us with knowledge and intellect. The energy and happiness of yellow can be seen throughout its many uses in life, such as art and design, including in your home. 

Yellow’s Influence Throughout History 

Of all the colors known to us today, yellow has some of the oldest history as a pigment. The yellow pigment was used as early as 45,000 BCE and made from clay soil containing the mineral ochre. This pigment was then used in early artwork such as cave paintings. Yellow has continued to make an appearance in art as a color often used by painters including Picasso, Renoir, and perhaps most famously by Van Gough in works such as his series of paintings Sunflowers (1888). Yellow makes its appearance in other art forms as well, including showing its influence in music through songs such as Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell. 

Today, yellow is still used in art but also has a powerful use in marketing. Softer yellows are commonly used in corporate marketing. The healthcare industry often pairs yellow with blues and whites on informational websites to encourage the reader to continue engaging with the resource. However, brighter yellows are used sparingly, typically in connection with children’s brands, bringing a sense of energy, optimism, and fun while grabbing the consumer’s attention.  

Introducing Yellow into Your Home Accessories 

As a color of happiness yellow can add a pop of freshness into any room. Yellow pairs well with its complement purple for a bold statement or with green for a more earthy feel. It is best used as an accent color and can provide a welcoming presence to your home in hallways, breakfast nooks, dining rooms, and kitchens. Lighter yellows bring happiness and cheerfulness to the home and are often used as a gender-neutral color choice for decor in nurseries and children’s rooms. Additionally, yellow has strong connotations to the mind and intellect, often said to boost memory, encourage communication, and boost new ideas. This makes yellow a great accent color for home accessories in an office workspace.

Looking to add a pop of yellow in your home? Consider a made-to-order clock for your office space or a placemat for your dining room or kitchen. 

This blog post was written by Emma Becker.