5 Reasons to Shop Small Businesses

July 05, 2022

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are considering ways that they can give back to their communities. While shopping at small businesses has always been important, there is a drive to support these businesses now more than ever. Supporting small businesses branches beyond your local community to the online world as well. Read on to learn how supporting small businesses benefits you, the individuals behind these businesses, and the community and how you can help these shops thrive! 

5 Reasons to Shop at Small Businesses 

  1. Eco-Friendly Choices
    Many small businesses make eco-friendly choices when it comes to creating and selecting their products. By collaborating with other local businesses and smaller manufactures, small businesses ship fewer items from shorter distances, leading to a lower carbon footprint. Plus, small businesses tend to have fewer products in their inventory leading to less waste.
  1. Specialized Products
    Small businesses focus on specialized products and themes, rather than offering endless choices of products to choose from. This allows consumers the opportunity to discover new products they may not find in larger stores, making the shopping experience more unique. 
  1. A Personalized Shopping Experience 
    Since small businesses are serving a smaller community, owners and staff are able to offer consumers more personalized, one-on-one service and support. This personal touch goes a long way, helping customers make great shopping choices and fostering relationships between the business and their community. 
  1. Give Back to the Community 
    As mentioned above, shopping at small businesses helps foster community! When you shop at local businesses in your community, the money spent there stays in your community and has a positive impact on the local economy. In the online small business world, shopping small helps these businesses grow and supports the online community. These businesses also work to foster connections, helping other businesses thrive and connecting consumers to other great businesses! 
  1. Support Entrepreneurs 
    Behind every small business is the entrepreneur who came up with the idea in the first place. By shopping small you are supporting real people with innovative ideas and dreams who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. 

How Can You Support Small Businesses Online and in Person? 

Besides buying products for yourself, consider ways you can tell others about these businesses in your local and online communities. Share posts and links on your social media accounts, tell your friends about your favorite spots, buy gifts for others, or purchase gift cards. Small businesses thrive on the support of their communities through the purchase of products and by you spreading the word!

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This blog post was written by Emma Becker.